I follow a comprehensive On Page SEO approach which includes keywords, page speed, content, meta tags, meta descriptions, image optimization as well as overall user experience thus optimizing your website content for both search engines and users.

Similarly, my Off page SEO services include not just creating relevant backlinks for your page, but also a number of other activities like social media optimization, brand mentions, social networking, building broken links, content marketing and influencer outreach.

  • Keyword Research:
    Google’s search algorithm is based heavily on keywords. And therefore targeting the right keywords will not only ensure top ranking of your business website but will also turn your website into a brand in itself. I do extensive manual keyword research and not just what the Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tools show you!
  • Website Audit:
    Comprehensive SEO audit of your website done using a set of different SEO tools and an understanding gained by years of experience. Complete SEO Audit of your website will aid in identifying crucial issues like broken links, broken codes, plagiarism
  • Landing Page Optimization:
    This is like polishing a skill you possess, or you learnt. By LPO, we will improve the elements of the website and thus we improve the chances of converting potential customers into a paying customer.
  • Advanced Image Optimization:
    Here, we compress the pictures on the website without compromising the quality of the image to ensure faster loading time so that your potential customers don’t have to wait much.
  • Got a Local Business:
    Then I will ensure that I present you an opportunity to tap a nearby audience and your business gets the appropriate paying customer.
  • Local Business Structured Data:
    Is a method of visual representation of your business shared with search engines for SEO purposes, thereby increasing chances manifold to tap the right audience.
  • Internal linking and optimization:
    Is a method by which search engine gets an idea of the hierarchy of the site, it’s pages, category and posts. Search engines therefore focus only on main content and suggests the same to the potential customers.
  • robots.txt file creation and optimization:
    It is kind of to-do and not-to-do for crawlers of search engines meaning it tells crawlers which pages to visit and which not to visit.
  • Google indexation optimization:
    It is like adding webpages to the dictionary of Google so that Google, your organization, internet surfers, potential clients, and rest everyone is updated
  • XML Sitemap creation:
    It is the blueprint of your website. It tells search engines about the main content and sub-content so that time and efforts of the crawlers are saved, thus ranking higher.
  • .htaccess optimization:
    It is a remote-control with the administrator(s) by which it can direct Apache-based web-servers to function in a specific manner or to carry out certain predefined activities.
  • SEO Plugin optimization (Yoast, Rankmath or any):
    SEO is carried with the help of SEO plugin. SEO plugin optimization is a technique where we sharpen the SEO plugin itself to perform better and give high-quality results. It is like sharpening the skills of teachers so that high quality students are produced.
  • Page Load Speed optimization:
    No one likes waiting for a long time because it kills the interest. In a similar manner, if it takes longer time for your website to open, it discourages users from opening your website and thus you lose potential customers. To prevent this, page loading speed must be optimized.
  • Mobile friendly website analysis:
    One must not design the same website for PC/desktop and for mobile, there must be significant difference in the looks, buttons, options if not the content, primarily because of the size of the screen and second time. Thus, there is a need to develop mobile friendly websites.
  • Google Search Console analysis:
    Google Search Console tracks all the details of the website like speed, design, functions, content and lot more. It ensures that Google is updated about your whereabouts and in return, it drives potential customers to your site.
  • Google Search Console Structured Data Report Diagnosis and fixes (for WordPress) for current markup errors:
    Most people like statistical representation like numbers, patterns, graphs, visualization of data etc. known as structured data in computers. It is to-the-point and factual data but sometimes may create errors in the back of the mind of the servers or search engines. This error, if any, must be removed at the earliest or it will show something which should not be shown.
  • Structured Data Local Business Markup:

    It is the basic search result which is shown when a user searches a query on a search engine. The data is shown in structured format like name, location, photos, contact number, reviews etc.

  • Advanced Structured Data insertion for your WordPress Theme:
    It adds Google Rich Snippets thereby increasing visual appearance on search result page and thus improving the chances of lead conversions, thereby gaining potential customers. 

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With different SEO packages that we offer, you can pick the plan that suits you the best. All these plans include above mentioned optimizations techniques required to improve your website ranking. So, invest as per your need and suitability and yet get the best SEO results



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Frequently asked questions

SEO acts as a tool that enhances your web presence and online visibility. It directly aims at improving your website ranking which attracts more organic traffic and hence quality leads for your business. Thus SEO, if done the right way, has the power to grow your business directly and exponentially! Now, does one business plan suit all kinds of businesses? Certainly not! Similar is the case with an SEO plan. Your SEO plan depends on various factors like – your competitors, the present status of your business and your online presence, your niche etc.

Though one time SEO may yield some results, these will be temporary. For your website to rank high organically and keep ranking high in the long run, consistent SEO efforts are required. So, its always better to invest in regular SEO services. I offer monthly SEO packages which are affordable and will save you from paying heavy salary to a regular employee and still get the best SEO results.

This depends largely on the current status of your business and online presence, what SEO has been done earlier and your competition level. But to give you a rough idea, most websites on the second page can be ranked on the first page within 3 months. For a new website this increases to 6 months.

Nobody including me can guarantee you rankings. But, what I can guarantee is 100% commitment from my side to help you in this journey!

Will you provide content or do we need to arrange it ourselves?

No, a contract is not needed. Just mutual agreement!

As of now, no, I don’t. Looking forward to it in near future

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