Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotels in 2020


Hotel and Restaurants is a hugely competitive industry, hoteliers need to follow some good strategies to be visible in front of their target audience or customers for this we have a proven digital marketing strategies for hotels.

It’s possible by implementing some interesting strategies which can help you make great $$$.

By the way, hotels is a big industry these strategies are not enough or it’s not a full digital marketing plan for hotels, I will keep updating this list and my blog especially for hotels and restaurants. So keep checking.

Rank Higher In Google – SEO

“Safest Place to Hide a Dead Body is Page – 2 of Google”

– Anonymous

In 2020 or beyond your business must rank on the first page of Google or any other search engine because the above statement clearly states that No one normally visits the 2nd page of Google. Nothing better than free traffic, optimize your website to be rank on the first page of Google. Google follows more than 200 signals to rank a website, it is obvious that it’s practically not possible to apply all 200 factors on your website. No one knows all the ranking factors even Google Employees.

But we have good news for you, you can still rank on the first page by hiring SEO specialist for you or you can do basic stuff of SEO like optimizing title, description, images, H1, H2, Internal Linking, and promotion of your website on various social media channels on your own.

Rank Locally – Optimize Google My Business Profile


Whenever people search for the hotel, they search using local keywords mostly like

  1. Best hotel near me
  2. Best places to stay near me
  3. Top places to stay in “city name”
  4. Places to stay in “area name”
  5. Budget near me
  6. Budget hotel near the airport
  7. Budget rooms near “some special thing of that particular area”
  8. Cheap hotels “area name”
  9. Cheap hotels “city name”

If you observe all the above keywords are related to the area. Whenever your target customer is searching for the hotel to stay in a particular city, area, near a particular famous place he will use the above keywords.

So, we should be ready to rank for the above-mentioned keywords. We need to optimize our google my business for the same.

We can do it by following the below steps.

  1. A verified Google my business profile
  2. Custom URL for GMB
  3. Updated High Raise images of property – interior, exterior, amenities like fitness center, swimming pool and whatever attractive things you have
  4. Regular posts with target keywords
  5. Link GMB to the hotel website
  6. Proper address
  7. Contact Number

Shameless Marketing on Social Media


Yes, you heard it right. You need to be shameless while marketing your hotel on social media. You need to post about your hotel everywhere, every day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and special for hotel TripAdvisor and all those free places from where we can get free traffic and market ourselves.

And hoteliers you can even run paid campaigns on social media to attract more people to your property by showing them your photographs of amenities, services, rooms & suites, and with creative content. Run paid ads by the below points, you will never lose your money but you may increase your ROI by times. To form a perfect social media strategy you need to keep an eye on below things.

  1. Posting eye-catching video
  2. Posting Special offers like 1. Discounts for senior citizens, 2. Government 3. Kids 4. Long term bookings
  3. Sharing videos of the property
  4. Creating stories on Instagram and Facebook
  5. Using hashtags – branded hashtags as well as location-wise hashtags, hashtags with amenities.
  6. Running brand awareness, lead generation campaigns

Help your Customers by providing travel info – Write a blog

Help others, others will help you 😉

Provide useful information to your target customers like

  1. Educate them about the locality, things to do in your city
  2. Travel tips
  3. Tips to save money in travel
  4. About the city, your hotel is located
  5. Tips on how to choose hotel
  6. Tips on nearby places to visit
  7. Helping them to find nearby restaurants/ local food/ best food near the hotel
  8. Specialties of your city like

Have a killer Website

Dear Hoteliers Website is the key business asset for the hotel, it must have a clean look, easy to navigate, the easy booking process, the loading speed should be less than 3 seconds, it should have all your terms and conditions mentioned clearly.

You also need to mention below things on the website

  1. Photos of your property ( not only on the home page but your website should also have a separate page for the gallery, use high raise images
  2. Rooms page with all the details of the room
  3. Amenities and services should be listed including free amenities like breakfast, parking, etc.
  4. The website must be mobile-friendly, it’s 2020 no need to even discuss mobile website importance more than 80% of users come from mobile devices and most travelers search from mobile phones only.
  5. Have a travel blog on your website – it will improve your ranking and build trust with your target audience


Make full use of available digital resources, create as many as digital assets, keep posting valuable content on your social media platforms as well as on the website.

Solve the problem of your customers by providing them a solution.

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