Top 20 Food Reviewers Whom You Should Follow on Instagram

When food is our ‘bae’, we can’t resist ourselves to find new recipes and next destinations. There are plenty of food blogging sites that are present on Instagram and you should follow them if you are a true food lover.

Here we are going to discuss the top 20 food and restaurant reviewers on Instagram. The list provided is random in order, but it definitely contains the best 20 in the industry.

List of top food reviewers:

Nashik eats:

Want to spend a delightful weekend in Nashik? Mr. Rugved Khandare owner of Nashik Eats instagram account may help you to find the best destination in the city. Tandoori, Mughlai, Beverage, snacks, or desserts you will get exclusive guidance and inspiration from him. The admin of this profile takes special care to make a list of standard restaurants and cafeterias in the market of Nashik. These restaurants keep hygiene while cooking and serving their foods.

Fifty shades of food:

Vaishnavi is a crazy girl who makes exclusive food reviews with a handful of delightful recipes. Her main focus is on the restaurants of Aurangabad. Apart from Continental and Chinese dishes, she loves to create her reviews on pure desi dishes. Not only that, but she is also an excellent reviewer of healthy and stimulating beverages.

Craving Soul Pune:

Nisha and Sujay is a sweet couple of Pune. They operate this profile to raise some exclusive destination in front of the followers. Nisha and her partner are just trying to find this diversity in Pune, the famous city of Maharashtra.


Dhiraj is a famous food blogger and inspirer of Pune. This funny guy claimed that he has Obsessive Coffee Disorder. He also claimed that his hobbies are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So it is clear that he is a real foodie guy. Are you getting interested in seeing more and more of what different Dhabas and Cuisines haves to offer in Pune? Check out the latest blog page of the downthegullet.

Drunk Mumbai food:

Dhiren is a popular face among the Instagram users of Mumbai. As a cosmopolitan cum metropolitan city, Mumbai has a great variety of different multi cuisines throughout the city. So why are you waiting? If you love food and drinks to celebrate your special moments, you need to follow Drunk Mumbai Food to find the best destination.


With 4597 followers, Vaibhav is among the most popular food and restaurant influencers on Instagram! He is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. However, he travels anywhere with his taste buds to take the delight of mouthwatering dishes. He exemplifies everything you want in Mumbai food blogs.

2 Guys With a Fork:

There is no doubt that India is a country with great diversity in languages, cultures, and obviously in foods. From the last fifteen to twenty years, Nashik became a large hub for food and beverage lovers. These 2 guys from hotel management background posting everything from ice cream, cotton candy to Chinese, or continental, this exciting food blog is the best guideline to find the fittest restaurants for you and your family. Do checkout their insta profile here 2guyswithafork

Spoon of Yumm:

Faizan and Aditi are Mumbai-born food influencers who currently covering some of the best food destinationsin Pune, Nashik, Mumbai, and Indore! They are two frequent contributors to online food magazines and many more attractive digital publications. In addition, to posting delicious dishes, they focus on a variety of foodie destinations in those mentioned cities.

Foodie Therapy:

Shaa Joshi is a popular food enthusiast in Nashik! With 4325 followers on her exclusive food Instagram page, Shaa has become one of the best food influencers in the city over the years. She is also an outstanding reviewer of healthy and stimulating beverages.


If you are a perfect food-lover and belong to Nashik, you should follow the best food blogger Aayushi Shah. She posts multiple pictures of traditional and modern dishes, like extra cheesy pizza, Bajri Roti, Puri, PavBhaji, BadaPav, rice meal, cream cake, and more veggies and non-veg dishes! Want to learn more about this influencer? Check out her Instagram


Are you getting confused to select your favorite foodie destination? Don’t worry, visit this exciting Insta page and follow the influencing advice of the admin. Admin of this page is a passionate photographer, blog writer, and food tester; these three constitutional attributes make the page as one of the best food bloggers of Nashik.


More than one twenty years, Chennai has become the ultimate destination of food lovers of Tamilnadu. From traditional south-Indian dishes to continental desserts, Foodtalk_Chennai covers a huge variety in its Insta page.


Kolkata, the London of east. Here you will get everything whatever you want. Poorna Banerjee, the admin of this page is a food blog writer, reviewers, online strategy maker, and social media influencer. Her account is exclusively designed with a handful of delicious recipes and best restaurant destinations. If you want to know more about Kolkata’s junk foods, it will be your perfect companion.


With 18.3k followers, this food blogger/reviewer page is sure to make you want to book a one-way long drive to Nashik! Sourabh Birari is the admin of this page who designed his account nicely with mouthwatering food photographs and special dishes.  In other words, he is a #feedgoals! If you want to spend a delightful dinner, you need to follow this page to get a proper guideline.

Aurangabad Food Explorer:

Harshvardhan Shahi is the food blogger of Aurangabad that featured with local restaurants! The title, “Aurangabad food explorer,” is the best fitting for Harshvardhan’s blog. This blog features multiple indulgent foods. With 41.1k followers, this blog is the must-follow blog if you have a plan on visiting Aurangabad anytime soon.


Amala is the best influencer and food blogger of Bangalore. Not only that, but she is also a famous Reviewer of Zomato. Her account offers a nice balance of restaurants and recipes. From snacks to mouthwatering desserts Amala covers a huge genre of delightful foods.


All foodies are welcome to this page to get the best guidelines. Spend a beautiful evening at the best restaurants in Bangalore. Founder of this page, Tanika Sharma designed her page to promote new food destinations of Bangalore. To know more, visit her profile.

Mumbai Food Junkie:

If you are a junk food lover of Mumbai then it is the best Instagram profile which you should follow. From cheesy pizza, Bajri Roti, Puri, PavBhaji, VadaPav, rice meal to cream cake, Swarali, the creator of this page covers huge items tactfully on her profile. Finding the best food and beverage destination is not so difficult today.


Rohini’s Fashionable food pictures with detailed recipes are a sure way to make you hungry. She is a social media expert as well as a food blogger. Her blogging website and Instagram profile is very popular among the food lovers of Maharashtra. She is not only a local food blogger but also she covers a wide range of international food on her blogs. To know more, check her Insta profile.


Mama_Khaugulle is also famous with the name of khanawithmama. The creator of this page is a crazy guy.By profession he is an engineer but by passion, he is a food content creator. He is also playing a vital role in the collaboration and digital promotion of new restaurants in the city.

If you are looking for a nice meal at a multi-cuisine restaurant or preparing an exotic dish, these bloggers are helping you to get the best ‘foodie’ experience for you. These pages focus on delicious dishes for both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. Apart from mouth-watering foods, you can get delightful beverage guidance from them. So don’t waste your time, to know more about them just follow their account and get exclusive guidance and inspiration.

P.S. Kindly suggest your favorite social media influencers or page/channels that you follow Or influencers in your circle, let us know. We will feature them!

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  1. A wonderful article Sagar. Truly mouth watering. You have also featured folks from non metros. Thanks for that.
    Will certainly follow some of those featured.

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